Ready for Brexit?

Do you have existing company in UK? Do you need to own company in EU to keep your benefits and partners because of Brexit? Then Estonia is the perfect option for you. Read more

Why Estonia?

Estonia is a little Nordic Switzerland - gateway to EU market with some significant advantages. Quick way to setup your EU company. Run your company via e-services. Read more

company formation

Estonian company formation

  • Company formation options
  • Timeframe & process flow
  • Required data
registry changes

Registry changes

  • Registry change options
  • Timeframe
  • Remote registry changes
company liquidation

Estonian company liquidation

  • Liquidation options
  • Timeframe
  • Prerequisite for liquidation services
company documentation

Estonian company documents

  • Registry extract
  • Articles of assosiation (AOA)
  • Ulitmate beneficial owner's (UBO) list
contact person and legal address

Contact person and legal address

  • Contact person
  • Legal address
  • Renewable yearly service
Accounting and taxes

Accounting and taxes

  • Accounting
  • VAT registration
  • Taxes