Are you ready for Brexit?

Brexit – turn it around into an opportunity & expand your grip by opening company in Estonia!

No doubt there is a lot of uncertainty and turmoil that comes with Brexit and the scope of it´s effects are yet to unfold in the future. As other, also small businesses in UK are forced to face the change and take measures to keep up with the new scenery.

For many, keeping their business within UK is not an option any more. Instead, relocating it overseas is the path, many UK entepreneurs choose today.

Here is your opportunity to turn the Brexit around for you and expand your opportunities by opening office in Estonia!

So... why Estonia?

Estonia is one of EU member countries. Through Estonian company you will not only maintain access to EU markets, but also benefit from Estonian competitive business environment, beneficial corporate tax system and widely integrated e-environment. Estonian company set-up and maintenance is easy, straight-forward and convenient.

Estonia is one of the leading IT countries and has favorable climate for companies with foreign shareholders and board members. Your Estonian company can be managed entirely online via Estonian e-residency. You do not need to travel to submit applications or declarations to authorities. This will save you both time and money!

Some other advantages of starting your company in Estonia:

* For Digital Nomad's we recommend you to read our Digital Nomad page.

If you want to travel around or live wherever you want and at the same time run your business online. Then company in Estonia is just for you.

If you want to read more about why Estonia is a perfect place for your company go to our Why Estonia page.

So do not hesitate and contact us or see all of our services.