Estonian company formation

Once you have decided or have necessity to create you own Estonian company you have to start to establish options for that. We have made your decision easier. You can choose from 3 main options.

Formation options

There are 3 main options for obtaining your Estonian company:

  1. Standard* via personal visit to the notary in Tallinn (every Estonian company share transfer deed must be certified by the Estonian notary)
  2. Remote* based on POA (Power of attorney). We act on your behalf based on your notarized/apostilled POA. Drafts of POAs along with instructions for notarization & apostillation will be provided to the client by us.
  3. E-residency* based on online formation and only available for Estonian e-residency owners. Fully online service which requires your ability to log in digitally and sign documents in Estonian Company Registration Portal.

* Standard and remote options can be used for both physical person and legal entity shareholder (or mixed) structures. E-residency option is available only for physical persons (with the ability to digital authentication & digital signing). In case client is too busy and do not want to visit Estonia personally CorporateLegal offers Remote option.

* For E-resident(s), who wants to establish Estonian company with E-residency card, POA is not necessary neither personal visit to Tallinn, Estonia. In this case company will be registered directly on client´s ownership. Registration takes usually 1-2 workdays after submission and digital signing of incorporation application by the client(s). In case of a delay in provision of information or digital signing by the client(s), the process might take longer.

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Timeframe of Estonian company formation services will differ, ranging from 1-2 days to few weeks, depending on company formation option, company structure & speed of provision of complete data & documents. Company liquidation timeframe 3-8 months.

Process flow

Process flow for standard & remote option includes following main phases & timeframe:

Required data

For provision of our services please clarify and provide following:

(1) Additionally if Estonian company's shareholder will be foreign legal entity shareholder - document of incorporation (certificate of incorporation), registry extract with representatives names and dates (directors) and representative rights (separate or common), address and ultimate beneficial owner(s) of the foreign company (could be in separate document or e-mail confirmed by director of this legal entity), articles of association or memorandum (or both) – all documents in English language, certified or notarized and no older than 3 months. Note that Estonia do not accept legal entity shareholder(s) which have bearer shares to be Estonian company´s shareholder(s).

Please note that we do not offer service(s) and do not accept payment(s) from certain countries with high risk and other monitored jurisdiction.

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