Estonian company voluntary liquidation

Once you decide to close your Estonian company, company liquidation procedure should be carried out. That requires following certain legal steps and timeframe. Depending on the type of voluntary liquidation that is applicable or you choose, liquidation process & timeframe is different.

Liquidation options

There are two main voluntary dissolution options available:

A standard liquidation Liquidation via merger
Applicable on 1 or multiple shareholder companies Applicable on 1 physical person shareholder companies only
Need to appoint local liquidatore No need to appoint local liquidator
Timeframe for completion ca 8 months Timeframe for completion ca 3 months
Requires minimum 2 liquidation reports Requires 1 merger report
Company is responsible for claims from third persons towards the company Shareholder will be responsible for claims from third persons towards the company


Different timeframe applies for carrying out a standard liquidation or a merger - completion of a standard liquidation ca 8 months whereas completion of a merger ca 3 months.

Prerequisite for provision of liquidation services

Prerequisite to be able to assist you with company liquidation services is your Estonian company┬┤s clear accountancy and provision of complete accountancy data. This will enable preparation of liquidation/merger related accounting/reports, hence enabling provision of liquidation services.

If you have any questions about your Estonian company liquidation or should you wish to initiate the liquidation process/get the cost estimate, feel free to contact us via or send request here.