Power of attorney (POA)

Power of attorney (POA) is a legal document which enables to represent company or physical person (i.e. the client) by authorizing a third person to act on client´s behalf. This saves client´s time and money, freeing the client from the need for personal visit to Estonia for company transfer or for any other company related legal action, that would otherwise require personal attendance. POA is always required for remote service option.

CorporateLegal provides our overseas clients with 2 types of POA-s:

* NB! Estonian notaries accept only POAs issued by certain country officials. The list of accepted countries is here. If the POA is not issued by one of these countries, the client must travel to the nearby country of which issued POA is acceptable in Estonia.

POAs issued in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Ukraine, France, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland and Italy do not require apostillation or legalization.

Please contact us via contact@corporatelegal.ee to check requirements for your POA.