Registry changes in Estonian E-business Registry

After your Estonian company has been registered, a need for registry change may arise. There are different categories of registry change, all of which should be registered in the Estonian E-business Register.

Standard options

The main categories of registry change are:

* If the list above did not include the option you needed please contact us at

Full scale assistance - our registry change related assistance includes full scale of services necessary to file for the change - general assistance, drafting of documents, organizing necessary translations & notary appointments, payments of related fees, submission of change applications.


Timeframe to register the change - as a standard it takes up to 5 working days after submission for the E-Business Register to register the change, though in some cases it may take longer.

Remote service

For remote service - to enable us to register requested change remotely and execute related legal steps on client´s behalf, a notarized & apostilled power of attorney from related person(s) to our company will be required. Drafts of POAs along with instructions for notarization & apostillation will be provided to the client by us.

Should you need our assistance with any of your Estonian company related registry change, contact us via or send request here.