Terms & Conditions

These terms & conditions apply to all the services (hereinafter service or services), offered by the Estonian legal entity, CorporateLegal OÜ, registry code 1482350, with registered office at Jõe tn 5 Tallinn, 10151 Estonia (hereinafter CorporateLegal) via website www.corporatelegal.ee (hereinafter website), via e-mail (hereinafter e-mail) or via other means and to any agreements you make with us.

By using this website you agree to these terms & conditions. By placing an order for any of our services this constitutes agreement with our terms & conditions.


We/us/our – CorporateLegal, also it´s employees where applicable.

You/your - a private person/representative of a private person or representative of a legal entity, visiting the website.

The Client - a private person or a legal person, represented by legal/authorized representative or authorised representative itself( hereinafter representaive), who has placed an order for the services via website, via e-mail or via other means.

Service/Services – company formation and related services, offered by CorporateLegal via website.


CorporateLegal undertakes to provide services according to the best of our ability, knowledge and expertise.

General assistance and information in connection with the requested services shall be provided to the Client. Any specific assistance & information shall be provided to the Client if speficically agreed upon and terms of provision agreed with the Client.

Any information provided by CorporateLegal in connection with the provision of services shall be considered as of general nature and shall not be relied upon as final truth. CorporateLegal takes no responsibility for advise given during provision of service nor for any consequence resulting thereof. The Client shall indemnify CorporateLegal against any loss or damage resulting from useage of the information provided by us.

Exchange of information, data & documents

Information, data and documents relevant to and prerequisite for CorporateLegal to provide the services will be asked from the Client prior provision of the services. Decision about the possibility to provide the Client with the services will be made solely by us based on the information/data provided by the Client.

Information, data & documents will primarily be intermediated via electronic means of which the Client is fully aware of and accepts it. If under the circumstance it would be reasonable to intermediate (general background or explanatory) information via other means (such as orally via phone or during face to face meetings) exchange of information, data & documents via such other means is acceptable as well.

Information, data & documents relevant or necessary for service provision, should be forwarded to CorporateLegal in full completeness and within reasonable timeframe after request for services has been placed by the Client and payment for it received by CorporateLegal.

In case the delay in provision of any relevant information, data or documents occurs due to the Client, it shall delay the provision of services accordingly. Should the delay by the Client become unreasonably long or should the Client fail to provide any reasonable justification for the delay, lasting more than 30 days, CorporateLegal has the right to unilaterally cancel the ordered services without any refund.

Client takes full responsibility for accuracy, completeness and relevance of the information, data & documentation provided to CorporateLegal. All instructions given to us in accordance with the services ordered should be clear, sufficient and given in a timely manner. In case of failure by the Client fail to do so, we take no responsibility for the results thereof.

Terms of provision of services

Service order becomes binding upon submission by the Client and upon receipt of full payment by CorporateLegal. Order may become binding to the Client even if all necessary information to complete the service has not yet been given to us but there is a clear intent or confirmation by the Client to order the service from us.

Upon receipt of payment, provision of the service requested by the Client will be attended shortly thereafter (usually on the next working day unless agreed otherwise). Any attendance to the order related work task excludes the option for the Client to claim for the full refund.

In case in addition to the information, data or documents provided by the Client aleady, there is a need for any additional information, data or documents, we will notify the Client accordingly and the Client undertakes to provide the requested information within reasonable time and as soon as possible, to enable CorporateLegal to proceed with service provision without delay.

If the service includes registry change, CorporateLegal shall provide the Client with forms and documents necessary for registering the change and/or for submitting such change through electronic filling. CorporateLegal shall complete or attempt to complete forms based on the information provided by the Client and shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by incorrect or incomplete information being provided by the Client nor for Client´s inability for digital log-in/-signing related to electronic filling . The Client shall indemnify CorporateLegal against any loss caused by such incorrect or incomplete information.

Should any circumstance arise that will or may have impact on the further need for the ordered services or ability or wish of the Client to comply with (legal) the requirements, hence causing the need for cancellation of the ordered services, the Client undertakes to inform CorporateLegal about such circumstance via our contact email contact@corporatelegal.ee or service providing person’s contact email immediately, as soon as any such circumstance has occurred or become known to the Client. CorporateLegal has the right to cancel the provision of the services thereafter, also if such circumstances have become knows to CorporateLegal via other means or sources. Services and products provided to the Client by the time of cancellation, shall be paid for and in proportional manner with the services/products received by the Client. CorporateLegal reserves the right to deduct the cost of ordered services from the payment, received for the ordered services.

CorporateLegal reserves the right to decline the service, should any questionability arise towards the accuracy/completeness or suitability of the provided information, data & documents and/or the Client or any related circumstance. Client will be informed about cancellation of the services.

CorporateLegal shall not provide services to the Clients or invoice payers(Clients or invoice payers whose main address, main place of business or main location is) from following countries: http://www.fatf-gafi.org/countries/#high-risk. Clients who have provided us false information about their main address, main place of business or main location country being one of the forbidden countries, listed in the above link, will be rejected immediately upon occurrence of such violation and without the right for a refund. All agreements, entered into under those circumstances, are counted automatically void and null staring from the beginning of the agreement.

Client´s warranties

The Client confirms that any company formed by using the services of CorporateLegal or any action made, shall not be used for illegal purposes.

The Client undertakes to not start using the ordered company/-name, prior to company registration on to Client’s ownership/registration of representation rights has completed in the E-Business Registry (Client has been registered as company´s shareholder/management board member in the Estonian E-business Registry). Any violation caused by the Client and the consequence resulting thereof is of Client´s sole responsibility.

Client undertakes to familiarize himself with consequences of formation of the Estonian company independently and to the extent sufficient for enabling to form an educated decision whether to proceed with company formation and related services or not. If necessary, outside professional (tax or other) advise shall be sought by the client independently as well.

Payment policy

CorporateLegal standard payment policy: 100% pre-payment prior to attending to the provision of services.

All prices are given in Euros and are exclusive of VAT 20%.

CorporateLegal reserves the right to unilaterally change the price of offered services and/or add or exclude certain services, should we see or should the circumstance cause the need for that. CorporateLegal takes no responsibility for prior notice or explanation.

Refund and cancellation policy

Client is not entitled to cancel order only based on change of his mind. Cancellation of order must be reasonable and sufficiently justified by the Client. Cancellation request shall be forwarded to CorporateLegal general email address contact@corporatelegal.ee for enabling us to process the request.

CorporateLegal reserves the right to deny the requested cancellation to the Client, should the reasoning given by the Client be not justified enough. Decision whether reasons are justified and sufficient or not will solely be made by CorporateLegal.

In case full service has been provided to the Client by CorporateLegal by the time of the receipt of cancellation notice from the Client, no refund will be available at all.

In case partial amount of services have been provided to the Client by CorporateLegal by the time of the receipt of cancellation request from the Client, partial refund may be available should it be reasonable under the circumstance and reasoning given by the Client and corresponding decision made by us. Partial refund will then be calculated based on proportionality in provided service amount.

Partial refunds before the company incorporation application has been submitted to the E-Business Registry will only be available to the Clients who request a refund via e-mail and within 24 hours after the payment for the order has been made to us. Payment in amount of 500 EUR shall remain non-refundable as compensation for the assistance service, hence is not negotiable for a refund.


Information given on our website is of general nature and provided „as is“. We take no responsibility nor give any warranty of a particular purpose or a result from the use of the information presented on this website and will therefore not be liable to any person for any damages for the use of our website nor information given here.

By ordering any of our services you explicitly agree to these Terms & Conditions and to our Privacy policy.

Should you feel the need to contact us in connection with our Terms of Service, feel free to drop us an email to contact@corporatelegal.ee