Why Remote?

To save your time and money.

For transferring your Estonian company to you or making changes in your Estonian company´s shareholder´s structure, attendance to the Estonian notary for share transfer is required. This means you would either have to travel all the way to Tallinn to attend to the notary in person or can choose a POA (power of attorney) based remote option instead, which will enable us to act on your behalf.

By issuing power of attorney to us, we will execute the share transfer deed and other legal steps on you or your company´s behalf, hence freeing you from the need to spend time and money on your trip(s) to Tallinn.

Full assistance – we provide you with the draft of the POA along with instructions for notarization/apostillation (legalization), so you will be guided throughout the whole POA issuance process. Our people have years of experience in providing the POA-s for remote services, inculding worldwide apostillation/legalization requirements.

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For further questions regarding remote company formation services please contact us via contact@corporatelegal.ee.